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Modified Regular Diet, 6 Weeks Post-Op +

Following the Soft Foods phase, you will begin to transition to a fuller diet. Your new foods should be introduced one at a time and slowly, especially as you add more difficult textures. It is important to move slowly and avoid foods that may be more difficult to tolerate as you start.

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Guidelines for the Modified Regular Diet phase

No drinking and eating at the same time. Stop fluids 30 minutes before eating and wait at least 30 minutes after.

Eat on a schedule. Using a timer may be helpful.

Three meals and two snacks per day. A protein shake is appropriate as one snack. At this point you should start shifting to eating 3 (4-8 oz) meals daily.

Portion out ½ cup to start.

A meal should last about 30 minutes. Aim to chew each bite 20 times before swallowing.

Prioritize your protein with every meal and snack.

Introduce new foods gradually, one at a time. Start with a small amount to see how well you tolerate the new addition. If you do not tolerate something well, make note and try again in one to two weeks.

Avoid gum and hard candy.

Appropriate foods to add during the Modified Regular Diet include

• Lean and moist protein sources
• Lean ground beef
• Fish and tofu
• Steamed vegetables
• Scrambled eggs or egg substitute
• Low fat dairy
• Small amounts of low fat cheese
• Beans
• Peas
• Lentils

Foods best to avoid during the Modified Regular Diet

• Foods that are touch, chewy or stringy (chicken or red meat)
• Raw, high fiber, leafy veggies
• Gummy or doughy textures
• Greasy foods
• Fruit skins or seeds
• Rice
• Lactose
• Pasta

Don’t Neglect Your Hydration

Maintaining hydration is important to help you feel well and progressing. Be sure you keep water and other hydrating fluids handy throughout the day and sip. Remember you should avoid drinking while eating and intake at least 48 ounces of fluid per day.


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