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Patient Spotlight – Amy Discusses Post-Bariatric Diet & Exercise

September 2, 2021

You may have seen me story on our testimonials page, and what a story it is! Amy has a very particular story in that her gastric sleeve surgery was performed immediately before the coronavirus lockdown, and she was forced to recover and lose her weight without the full breadth of support that patients would normally have. Her story and success shows that if you are fully committed to your post-operative diet and lifestyle changes, the possibilities for regaining your health and normal weight are virtually unlimited.

In fact, Amy lost over 140 pounds, following her postoperative diet, and dedicating herself to a new and improved life. In this blog post, we will feature a few pearls of wisdom that Amy shared with us during a subsequent interview at the VIPSurg offices in Las Vegas.

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When to Buy New Clothes After Bariatric Surgery

August 16, 2021

When you start to notice that your jeans are a little (or very) loose, it is an exciting moment – change is finally happening! Your first instinct might be to open your laptop and browse the internet for new clothes or speed over to the mall to have a shopping spree. Jumping to spending a pretty penny on a whole new wardrobe is a big investment. Is it the right time? When is the right time to buy new clothes?

Rack of clothes in shop ready for you to dress your changing body to improve confidence and comfort as you lose weight with bariatric surgery. VIPSurg logo at bottom left.

Buying New Clothes After Surgery

The feeling of wanting to splurge on new clothes is common. However, your body is just beginning to change! Focus on the essentials that you need. The size and shape of your body is going to continue to change as the months tick by, so you do not want to overzealously purchase clothes that will no longer fit in a few weeks – remember that you will be losing between and 1-3 pounds per week.

Buy clothes that are your current size. Not past and not presumed future. You may want to buy something a couple sizes too small. But you don’t know how clothes will fit your body as the numbers on the scale tick down. There is no reason to buy something that may not fit how you pictured and cause unnecessary disappointment.

If you are nervous that you may experience weight regain, as we all are, focus on your present state and whip out some old pictures or clothes to see how far you’ve come. Focus on positive change and remember on where you are in your journey. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

After you buy the essential staples to your closet, reconsignment or thrift stores are a great place to look for budget-friendly purchases. Thrifting can be a fun way to purchase things you wouldn’t normally wear and expand and diversify your style. Plus, if it doesn’t fit in a few weeks, just turn around a re-donate it with less guilt.

If you still feel the inkling to treat yourself to something big, treat yourself to something timeless. A beautiful accessory, a new set of golf clubs, concert tickets – these are all things that will bring joy without an end-date. Try to avoid congratulating yourself with food, of course.

The Bottom Line

Your bariatric journey does not end after surgery – it is just the beginning of a whole bunch of exciting, but difficult changes. Allow yourself to be excited and maintain a positive perspective on your present self. There are ways you can buy new clothes and give yourself fun and productive rewards along the way that don’t break the budget.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery or what life looks like after the procedure, set up an appointmentwith us today! VIPSurg has years of experience helping people get the most out of their bariatric journey.

3 Myths About Gallstones

August 2, 2021

If you’ve had gallstones at some point in your life, you’re not alone! Between 10-15 percent of Americans have experienced gallstones – almost one million people are diagnosed a year. Gallstones occur when your digestive fluids harden into a stone-like formation and deposit in your gallbladder. They can vary in size, and for many, they do not cause any symptoms at all.

Gallstones on gauze after surgical removal of the gallbladder as gallstones cannot be flushed like a kidney stone. VIPSurg logo at bottom left.

So, now what? You might have a gallstone and you don’t even know it. Do not worry, we have taken the time to calm your jitters by busting a few myths about gallstones.

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Don’t Ignore Abdominal Pain

July 19, 2021

Pain in the abdomen can be interpreted as being caused by several things. Whether you think you ate too much that last meal or it is that time of the month and you think you have cramps – we tend to guess and brush off the cause of stomach pain. Although you know your body well, and can usually pinpoint the cause, there are some abdominal pains that you should not ignore.

Man in dress shirt holds hands on lower abdomen to relieve abdominal pain he has been avoiding treatment for. VIPSurg Las Vegas logo at bottoms left corner.

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Bariatric Surgery Revisions and Conversions

July 5, 2021

When a patient gains weight after their primary bariatric procedure – usually several years after surgery, if ever, we evaluate whether it is simply a lifestyle issue, where the patient is not compliant with their post-operative lifestyle, or whether the procedure needs to be converted or revised to offer better weight loss potential.

Woman buttons jeans comfortably after bariatric surgery conversion to improve weight loss potential. VIPSurg Las Vegas logo at bottom right corner.

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The Importance of a Pre-operative Psychological Evaluation

June 21, 2021

Many patients don’t realize the importance of their psychological evaluation before bariatric surgery and, in turn, do not take advantage of the professional assistance that they can receive. In fact, many patients believe that the need for a psychological evaluation means that there may be something wrong with them. That is decidedly not the case.

Psychologist sits on light gray sofa smiling kindly ready for a pre-op bariatric surgery psychological visit. VIPSurg logo at top right

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Does Walking Burn Off Belly Fat?

June 7, 2021

Let’s get right to it, walking is a great exercise for anyone, at any age, with just about any ailment. The exercise guidelines that we as a practice provide, include a significant amount of walking, which will start immediately after the surgical procedure. In fact, while you’re still in the hospital recovering, you will be encouraged to get up and walk around the hospital floor to get blood moving. This helps avoid blood clots and minimizes the risk of infection.

View of sneakers walking down road with desert background walking to lose belly fat. VIPSurg logo in top right.

This walking will continue in the early recovery stage once you are home. You will be asked to walk progressively further each day. This will increase your mobility, help your medium-term recovery and ultimately kickstart you are postoperative exercise plan.

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How to Run After Bariatric Surgery

May 24, 2021

It may seem obvious but running after bariatric surgery is not as simple as tying up those laces and bolting down the street. Immediately after bariatric surgery, you will not have lost a significant amount of weight and your excess body weight will still be putting significant pressure on your joints. This is especially true in the knee and ankle joints which take the brunt of the force when you run.

Over time, of course, much of this weight will disappear and it will be easier and safer for you to run.

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How Much Does the Gastric Sleeve Cost?

May 10, 2021

Being that the gastric sleeve is the most popular bariatric procedure in the United States, many of our patients wonder exactly how much it will cost and unfortunately, the answer to that does vary. The variance is ultimately in how you intend to pay for surgery.

Man with a men in his hand at a desk with a laptop and using a calculator

A number of Nevada health insurance policies cover bariatric surgery. However, there may be exclusions for bariatric surgery even if other policies with that same company cover it. We always suggest that you take a look at your coverages and exclusions and work with our team to verify your benefits. If you are covered by your insurance plan, you will also have a number of financial obligations associated with your policy. These will include a co-pay, deductible, and coinsurance. one or more of these may apply until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum at which point your health insurance policy should handle all covered services. You can work with our billing and benefits verification staff to understand exactly how much your procedure will cost if using insurance.

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A New Understanding Of Osteoarthritis

April 26, 2021

Female Doctor hand on patient and talking to an older male patient with a mask on in a blue button down shirt

Obese patients are often told by their doctors that the extra weight they carry can contribute to osteoarthritis – a degenerative form of arthritis often caused by wear and tear on the joints. Decades ago, it was mostly middle to older age adults that experienced osteoarthritis, but the average age of onset has declined as the obesity epidemic has gotten worse. Figure that an extra pound of body weight puts an additional 4 pounds of pressure on the knee joint. Being that we use our knees throughout most of the day, it is no wonder that the cartilage in the knee would start to break down if one were dozens or even hundreds of pounds overweight.

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