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Does Health Insurance Cover Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas?

We know that the insurance process can be daunting and as such we try to do as much as we can to help you navigate the inns and outs of your plan. The Journey to bariatric surgery when using insurance benefits is not a quick one. Various stipulations creative process they can take three or even six months before getting approval. But don’t let that discourage you, with our health, you can submit an accurate application for pre-approval.

Nevada Insurers That May Cover Bariatric Surgery

Insurance coverage for bariatric surgery is determined on a state-by-state, company-by company and plan-by-plan basis. This means that you cannot rely on someone else’s insurance experience to know if you are covered for surgery. However, in general the following insurance companies do you have bariatric coverage as part of certain plans:

We always suggest that you contact your insurance company, the HR team at your company (if on a corporate or group plan) as well as our billing team to determine whether you have bariatric surgery benefits and if so, what your out-of-pocket cost may be. For those without insurance benefits, we offer very competitive cash/self pay gastric sleeve rates.

Other Things You Should Understand

An important aspect of your health insurance plan is its network. These are the doctors, facilities and other clinical practitioners that are considered in-network. In-network providers have a negotiated rate with your health insurance carrier and your costs are usually lower as well. However, if your provider is not in-network with your insurance company, don’t worry. Contact the billing office to understand what costs you would be responsible for.

You should also be aware of your deductible (the amount you are responsible for before insurance kicks in), your co-pay (the fixed amount you need to pay for each visit or service, which can vary between specialties and services), your co-insurance (the percentage of the cost of service that you will be responsible for once your deductible is met and copay paid), and total out of pocket expense.

You should also be aware that insurance benefits reset at the end of each calendar year. That means that you will be responsible for the entire deductible and out of pocket expense come January 1, no matter how much of your policy was used in the prior year.

We encourage you to contact your insurance company to understand your coverage options and requirements for surgery. We will confirm those benefits by performing our own insurance verification.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about insurance coverage or our cash payment plan, we encourage you to contact our office.