End of Year Surgery: Learn more about scheduling your surgery as we approach the end of the calendar year!

Scheduling Your Surgery Bariatric Seminar


The following forms are provided for your convenience. Please download and print the forms and bring them with you to your appointment with Dr. Tsuda or Dr. Ryan at our Las Vegas, NV office.

Pre-Surgery Instruction

Below you will find pre-surgery instructions to help you understand and prepare for your upcoming surgery. Click the link below to print and bring to your next appointment with Dr. Tsuda or Dr. Ryan.

Download Pre-Surgery Instructions

Pre-Op Checklist

Below you will find the process of evaluation prior to bariatric surgery regardless of type of bariatric surgery.  It is important to add that the length of medically monitored weight loss prior to surgery is dependent on the individual patient’s insurance company. Click the link below to download and print. 

Download Patient Pre-Op Checklist

Follow-Up Schedule

We have provided for you a patient Follow Up Schedule. Download and print this form to track your follow up appointments. Click the link below to download and print. 

Download Follow Up Schedules