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Is Bariatric Surgery The Right Option For You?

Long before the first phone call to our office, you’ve probably be wondering if bariatric surgery is the right course of action for your excess weight problems. The decision will be influenced, in part, on your current health situation including your Body Mass Index, the presence of diseases associated with morbid obesity and your ability to pay for surgery, either through insurance, financing or cash pay. These criteria can be vetted quickly with a series of preoperative consultations and diagnostic tests. This will give us a complete picture of your suitability for surgery from a physical and financial standpoint.

If you are ready to take the first step towards becoming a weight loss surgery patient, we invite you to watch our online seminar. This quick informational video will give you a head start on what to expect and the procedures we offer. It is free and no commitment, just a opportunity to learn more and meet our bariatric team in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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How Do I Choose my Bariatric Surgeon?

The bariatric surgeon you choose will also have an impact on your decision. It goes without saying that your surgeon should have all the right qualifications and experience to make your surgery a success. But finding a surgeon that meshes with your personality is also very important – this is a lifetime relationship. Make sure your surgeon is available and willing to support you before and after the procedure. At VIPSurg, we are lucky to have two of the most qualified bariatric surgeons in Nevada with Dr. Shawn Tsuda and Dr. Heidi Ryan. Both are board certified and highly skilled in robotic surgical techniques. Uniquely, Dr. Ryan is the only female bariatric surgeon in the Las Vegas area.

The Personal Side of Bariatric Surgery

Often overlooked is the very personal component of deciding to have bariatric surgery. Most patients who undergo surgery have spent many years, or even their entire adult lives, fighting obesity. Most likely, a catalyst has made it very clear to them that surgery is the only option for their improved health. Even when they reach that point however, it is imperative that patients understand the responsibilities that they will be undertaking – completely separate from the benefits and risks of surgery itself.

Patients will struggle with their self-image. It is not uncommon for a post-op patient to see themselves as overweight, even after reaching their goals and feeling great. This can make the post-operative lifestyle a little harder and makes it imperative to keep a solid support structure of friends, family, and our office team, while regularly attending support group.

After surgery, life will change dramatically. Beyond a healthier diet and exercise program, patients will begin to feel very different. They may feel more confident and self-assured and they may wish to perform different activities from before surgery. As a result, their relationships with family and friends may change significantly. For many, these changes are very positive as they begin to explore new career opportunities, broaden their social circles and feel a greater degree of confidence in their relationships. These changes can also be very threatening to significant others who do not fully understand how bariatric surgery and resulting weight loss can affect the patient.

It’s Your Choice

We understand that your friends and family will be a part of your decision. However, it’s important to remember that their feelings and thoughts are conditioned by their own experiences. Therefore, it is ultimately up to you to decide whether bariatric surgery is the best option to move forward with your health. Watching an online seminar, consulting former bariatric patients and your surgeon should be an integral part of this very important decision, but in the end the decision is up to you. If you believe that it is time and are willing to change your dietary and exercise habits permanently, this operation may be the right life-changer for you. If you do decide weight loss surgery is the right path for you, our team looks forward to being with you every step of the way. From selecting from the sleeve or bypass to celebrating with your the milestones along the way and supporting you in the tougher transitions, we are here to be your team.

The Bottom Line…

The lifestyle and life changes that you experience after surgery should be fully understood to make sure that you’re comfortable with how things will change. So, after finding out that you qualify for bariatric surgery, make sure that you are also ready from a psychological and attitudinal standpoint. Losing weight and becoming healthier is a delicate balance between the physical, psychological and emotional, and you must be ready for each.


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