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Novel Gastric Balloon Now Available

Many of you have heard of the gastric balloon. It is a revolutionary weight loss tool and the latest weight loss device to be approved by the FDA. In the US, it is placed endoscopically rather than surgically, is removed after six months, and offers a reasonable amount of weight loss for those who are not suffering from severe or morbid obesity. However, there are some barriers, not least to which is cost, that prevent many patients from taking advantage of this option.

VIPSurg, with the desire to find effective, financially feasible solutions for weight loss patients, has partnered with Salud Health in Chile to offer a compelling, newer gastric balloon as part of a travel package.

What Is The Balloon and How Is It Different?

This novel gastric balloon is currently being evaluated but is not approved by the FDA. As such, this device is available only in select counties, where it is approved for use. However, it is very interesting and novel because first, it is a swallowable pill form that is inflated within the stomach. This means no endoscopic or surgical procedure needs to be performed. Rather, the patient simply swallows the balloon, and it is inflated using a small, attached tube that follows it into the stomach. One X-ray will be taken after placement and a second after inflation of the balloon to ensure proper positioning.

On the other end, after six months, the balloon simply dissolves by itself and is excreted through the digestive system. This truly makes the balloon a procedure-free option. As with other balloon systems, patients will follow a six-month diet and exercise plan, supervised by Dr. Tsuda and our team.

Why South America?

We have taken the time to thoroughly vet our partner in South America. Not only is a journey to South America relatively convenient for our patients, but it is a place where one can have the procedure and even spend some “recovery” time in a beautiful, relaxing, and inexpensive place. The risks are extremely low, and patients will have access to Dr. Tsuda and the VIPSurg team not only for their six-month postop lifestyle program but also for any questions or concerns they may have.

Who Qualifies?

Ultimately, qualification criteria will depend on a thorough initial consultation, which you will have with Dr. Tsuda, here in Las Vegas. Dr. Tsuda will have a candid conversation about whether going South America for your balloon might be appropriate, or whether another procedure may be more suitable to your needs.

Next Steps

We look forward to some of our patients taking advantage of this opportunity. Please contact our office to learn more about the program and schedule a consultation with Dr. Tsuda.

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