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Grocery Shopping After Weight Loss Surgery

Life after weight loss surgery truly is a whole new world!  Even the most mundane things like grocery shopping will now likely be very different experiences.  Let’s look at some strategies for grocery shopping to help keep you on track with your goals.

Grocery cart filled with fresh produce for healthy recipes after weight loss surgery as recommended by VIPSurg in Las Vegas

The most crucial step starts before you even GET to the store! To know what you need to buy, you need to make a meal plan.  This is an effective way for ANYONE to reduce food costs and waste. But it becomes even more critical after weight loss surgery.  Remember, you’ve got a tiny stomach now.  So, if you don’t have a strategy, you will likely waste a LOT of money due to spoilage.  A gallon of milk or a loaf of bread that you used in plenty of time now may be way too much for you.

Remember that you are working with limited tummy real estate when planning your list!  It is now more critical than ever that what you put in nourishes your body.  Look for high protein, low net-carb foods.  This will ensure that you retain muscle and burn fat while you lose weight.  The easiest way to stay on track with this is to give yourself healthy options!  If there is no junk food around, you can’t reach for it!

By buying versatile ingredients, you can plan out a wide variety of healthy, tasty meals that reuse several elements throughout the week.  A list as simple as a small package of chicken breasts, a pound of ground turkey, a bag of frozen assorted veggies, some low carb tortillas, and some low carb noodles can provide a week’s worth of healthy, delicious dinners.  If you’re not accustomed to meal planning, look for some resources online.  There are plenty of blogs and YouTube channels to help you!

Consider it a fun challenge to research and try new recipes!  Find healthy alternatives to your old favorite unhealthy meals and snacks.  There are so many more healthy alternatives available now than there were even a few years ago.  You can find high protein/low carb chips, cookies, cakes, candy, ice creams, pasta, tortillas, bread, etc.  Sure, they may cost more than their unhealthy alternatives.  But remember, you’re eating smaller portions!

Seasoning is your new best friend!  This is a great way to punch up and add variety to your meals without adding carbs or calories.  Now is the time to build up your spice cabinet!  Experiment with spices from different regions of the world.  Try innovative combinations.  You never know when you might stumble upon something unique!

Don’t drink your calories.  Sure, a soda, juice, beer, or lemonade sounds tasty but look at those labels!  You’ll be shocked to see how much of your daily calories and carbs those can take up!  Do yourself a major favor and avoid high-calorie, sugary drinks altogether.

Following these guidelines can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals while still eating amazingly delicious food.  Learning to buy and prepare healthy food successfully is an essential skill for your new life!

Amy is a 39-year-old gastric sleeve patient of Dr. Tsuda, living In Las Vegas, NV.  She is almost 2 years post-op and has lost over 145 pounds.  Through this weight loss journey, Amy has discovered a passion for health and fitness.  Now, she enjoys sharing her experiences to help others on their own journeys.