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How Quickly Can You Get Bariatric Surgery

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It’s common for patients who finally decide that bariatric surgery is the right option for them to want to get bariatric surgery as fast as possible. After all, choosing to have bariatric surgery is not easy, and it’s hard to control the excitement of the prospect of living life without the impediment of excess weight and obesity. However, most patients find that the road to weight loss surgery is relatively long compared to other procedures and may involve impediments.

This is particularly true when patients use their insurance plan to help pay for their bariatric procedure. After all, insurance companies aren’t looking to pay for a procedure they don’t believe is necessary for the patient’s health. This results in having to jump through several hurdles before getting approved. While most patients that qualify ultimately get approved for their procedure, the time it takes for surgery and the ever-increasing deductibles associated with most insurance plans, have made the prospect of out-of-pocket payment options for many patients well within reach.

Understanding this, Dr. Tsuda has negotiated special pricing for patients in Las Vegas who wish to pay cash for their gastric sleeve procedure. At $10,950, the cash pay price includes virtually everything the patient needs to have a successful surgery, including all necessary follow-up programs. Unlike some other bariatric programs, we strive to be very transparent with our fees so that patients do not experience any surprises after they come to a consult and receive an out-of-pocket cost estimate. The time frame for cash-pay surgery, of course, is significantly shorter. Without the concern of insurance-related criteria, patients can often get to surgery rather quickly.

Depending on Dr. Tsuda’s operative schedule and the speed with which we receive the results of specific pre-operative tests, patients can expect to go from consultation to surgery within six weeks. This can sometimes be shortened to within two weeks if patients complete their pre-operative clearance. With these tests in hand, there’s little to stop them from having surgery shortly after.

Be Sure to Understand What’s Included

While there are many tempting cash-pay prices around the US and even in Mexico, it is crucial that you compare apples to apples and understand what is included in the package. Typically, a cash pay price is all-inclusive when it provides for preoperative visits, the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, the anesthesiologist’s fee, and postoperative visits. Most cash-pay prices will not include preop diagnostic testing, which is usually covered by your insurance and/or may not always be necessary. A long-acting anesthetic is also a paid option.

To learn more about our self-pay bariatric surgery program, we encourage you to visit our comprehensive cash-pay portal, watch our online seminar and subsequently schedule a consultation with Dr. Tsuda to get started.