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Patient Spotlight – Amy Discusses Post-Bariatric Diet & Exercise

You may have seen me story on our testimonials page, and what a story it is! Amy has a very particular story in that her gastric sleeve surgery was performed immediately before the coronavirus lockdown, and she was forced to recover and lose her weight without the full breadth of support that patients would normally have. Her story and success shows that if you are fully committed to your post-operative diet and lifestyle changes, the possibilities for regaining your health and normal weight are virtually unlimited.

In fact, Amy lost over 140 pounds, following her postoperative diet, and dedicating herself to a new and improved life. In this blog post, we will feature a few pearls of wisdom that Amy shared with us during a subsequent interview at the VIPSurg offices in Las Vegas.

The Diet and Exercise Process after Surgery

Despite following a similar program and post-operative guidelines, weight loss will be different for each patient after surgery. Their anatomy, home life, support structure and willpower will all play a part in how much weight they lose. However, as Amy tells us below, weight loss will be rapid in the first several months after surgery. You may lose 1-3 pounds per week. This will eventually slow, and you will have to focus on strength training to maintain muscle tone and burn more calories, even at rest.

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