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Staying on Track During Summer

Lean grilled kebabs at a summer cookout offer a healthy high protein option

It’s happened to us all.  You’ve gotten into a groove.  You have a diet and exercise plan that’s working for you.  And then your whole routine gets disrupted.  Summer is the time of barbecues, parties, weddings, and vacations.  Without a good plan, the activities can be full of pitfalls.  Read on for tips about staying on track with your weight loss goals during the summer!

First things first, make sure you’re ready.  If you are still in the early stages of recovery (for example, on a pureed diet), you’re unlikely to have many (if any) options at a party or restaurant.  You also may not have the energy level for a big event or trip.  Even if you are just barely back to eating regular foods, you may not be ready.  Ensure you’re fully healed and have successfully re-introduced various foods to your diet to ensure your stomach tolerates them.  Nobody wants to get sick in the middle of a party or trip!

Planning will be your best strategy if you’re going on a trip. Pre-plan what restaurants you want to visit. Look at menus online to ensure they have options you can eat and enjoy. Research foods that the area is known for to see if there is a local delicacy that you can try! You can even pack some healthy protein bars and shakes or hit up a grocery store once you arrive to ensure you always have a safe option on hand.

For parties, reach out to the host to get an idea of what food and beverages will be served.  That way, you can do your research and decide what will be wise to eat and drink ahead of time.  Depending on the menu, it may be best to eat beforehand, bring a healthy snack for yourself, or you could even volunteer to bring a dish to contribute!

Celebrate without food. Focus on the event, the people involved, and the occasion you’re celebrating. Just because you’re passing on a piece of wedding cake doesn’t mean that you can’t still make beautiful memories and have a good time. Even better, get out on the dance floor! Burn some calories and boost your endorphins by getting involved in the party.

Don’t drink your calories.  Sure, a soda, juice, beer, or lemonade sounds tasty but look at those labels! You’ll be shocked to see how much of your daily calories and carbs those can take up! Do yourself a major favor and avoid high-calorie, sugary drinks altogether.

Be more active in general during the summer months. Take advantage of the warm weather, relaxed schedule, and longer daylight hours. Try some new sports or activities.  Go on walks. If you’re traveling, try to incorporate walking tours into your vacation.  Burning more calories is the perfect way to allow yourself a little indulgence on your vacation.  Just keep it within reason!