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The Benefits of Home Exercise

A vital component of successful bariatric surgery is regular exercise. If we’re not careful, we can put too much emphasis on our diet, neglecting the importance of physical fitness. But often, it can seem overwhelming to know how to get started! With all different types of classes and gyms, where do we begin?

At home workouts have many benefits according to VIPSurg bariatric patient Amy

One of the least intimidating ways to get started working out is with home exercise. At the beginning of our weight loss journey, we may be worried about overdoing it or not being able to keep up with a class. We might feel intimidated or self-conscious being in a room with a bunch of buff regulars. By starting our fitness journey at home, we avoid a lot of those fears which frees us to try a variety of things!

Exercising at home also saves time and money. You don’t have to pay for gym memberships or class fees. You also save yourself the time and expense of traveling back and forth. It’s easier to talk yourself out of a workout if you must get dressed and drive across town in bad weather. If all you have to do is go to the living room, you’re more likely to do it!

Home exercise also allows you the freedom to change up your routine. Maybe a schedule change means having to move morning workouts to evenings. Or the gym you lived right by is now on the other side of town. Or, maybe the beginner class that used to challenge you no longer gets your heart rate up. If you’re locked into a membership or specific class, it can be difficult to change your schedule if needed. If you’re working out at home, you can perfectly tailor your workout to your life! And that means you’re far more likely to keep at it!

So, what do you do for home workouts? At the very beginning of your recovery, your goal will simply be walking. As you heal, you will want to increase your time and distance. Once you are ready to do actual exercise, there are a multitude of resources! Just hop online and search for workout videos and you will literally find thousands. Start with searching for standing/walking/beginner workout videos. Those tend to be less intense. As your fitness level increases, you can try out different kinds of workouts! Try HIIT, Plyometrics, dance cardio, bodyweight exercises or anything else that looks interesting!

Over time, you will likely find specific workout types, channels, or trainers that you like. Stick with what you enjoy because you’ll be more likely to keep doing it. And who knows, one day, after you’ve found the exercise type that’s perfect for you, you might just get the desire to join a class and show them all that you’ve accomplished!

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