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The Pros & Cons of Endoscopic (Incisionless) Bariatric Procedures

Endoscopic (cameras placed through a natural body opening like the mouth into the stomach) allows practitioners to perform several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Some bariatric procedures, such as a sleeve or revisional surgery for dilated pouches or anastomoses (surgical bowel connections) after gastric bypass can be performed using this specialized equipment. The main advantages are no incisions, less recovery time, a shorter hospital stay, and possibly a quicker return to activity and work.

These procedures require specialists trained to perform them and special equipment. Insurance may not cover them universally because endoscopic bariatric procedures’ long-term effectiveness and safety data are still limited compared to traditional surgical options.

Remember that the suitability of a specific procedure depends on the individual’s medical history, current health, and goals. It’s crucial for patients to discuss their options thoroughly with their bariatric surgery or primary care physician.