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Tips for the Pureed Diet Stage

The pureed diet stage can be one of the most difficult of the bariatric surgery process.  When and for how long you will be in this stage is up to your physician, so be sure the follow the directions you’re given.  Since this stage can be challenging, make sure you’re prepared for it!

Low fat ricotta cheese and tomatoes ready to be pureed for a different pureed food option after weight loss surgery

The biggest challenge of the puree stage is probably the unappealing look of the food.  Knowing that the food is not going to LOOK particularly pleasant, try focusing on your other senses.  Make sure that it smells and tastes great!  This will make the meals far more pleasant to eat.  Herbs, spices, seasonings, and extracts are excellent ways to add familiar fragrance and flavor to pureed meals while not adding unnecessary fat and calories.

Creativity is key for the puree stage.  Instead of viewing it as an unpleasant experience to just get through, take it on as a fun challenge.  Don’t limit yourself to what pre-packaged foods you’re allowed.  Find online groups where you can share recipes and tips with other bariatric patients.  Look up recipes to try and even experiment to create some of your own.

A tasty and protein-packed puree meal can be as simple as a cooked chicken meatball, a bit of marinara and some ricotta blended together.  Another great option is some cooked chicken, pinto beans, sour cream, and taco seasoning.  Once you figure out a few go-to meals that you like, play around with the ingredients to see if you can make them even better!  Remember, many people find that their tastes change after weight loss surgery.  So, you may be surprised at some new ingredients that you now enjoy!

You’ll need to right tools as well.  If you don’t have a mini blender/food processor, you’ll want one!  They are the perfect kitchen gadget for making small pureed meals as well as smoothies and soups.  Another great tool to aid you in the puree stage is mini appetizer-sized spoons.  These can usually be found at party stores in bulk packages.  Eating slowly is so important in this early stage and these mini spoons help you do it!

The puree stage is a challenge.  But, with these tips and tricks, you can turn that challenge into a big win.  In no time, you’ll one step closer to success.