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Tips for the Soft Food Diet

Scrambled eggs are a staple of the soft food phase of the post-op bariatric diet according to the bariatric team at VIPSurg in Las Vegas

Congrats!  You’ve made it to the soft food stage!  That means not only have you successfully navigated the restrictive and challenging liquid and pureed phases, but you’re a significant step closer to eating “normal” meals again!  I put “normal” in quotes because, after bariatric surgery, the goal is to ultimately create a new normal for ourselves.  That new “normal” will be smaller, healthful, and more mindful meals!

So, what can you expect in the soft food diet?  Many more recognizable foods!  You’re ready to introduce scrambled and boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, ricotta, cottage cheese, cream cheese, canned and ground meats, mashed cauliflower, blended beans, and tofu.  This is a LOT more variety than you had before, so have fun!  Now is a great time to try new recipes (There are tons of great ideas online!)  And, after weeks of NOT eating, don’t be surprised if everything tastes great!  It may even be a good time to try soft foods you used not to enjoy.  Many people experience a change in food preferences after bariatric surgery.  Who knows, you may find a new favorite food.

What’s still off-limits?  Avoid anything fatty or sugary.  Stick to lean, non-red meats.  Avoid anything with hard lumps or bits, like nuts or seeds.  Raw fruits and veggies are still off-limits, as well.  Remember, although your surgery was weeks ago, your stomach is still healing!  It’s not ready to handle hard, raw, or fibrous foods.

Good Things to Keep In Mind

How soft does the food have to be?  You should be able to eat it with a spoon easily.  If you need a knife, it’s too hard!  If you’re unsure if a food is soft enough, try adding some milk or water to thin it out.

Remember, as always, to prioritize protein and nutrients in your meals. With such small meals, you’ve gotta make sure that you’re fueling yourself!

Introduce new foods slowly.  You never know when a particular food may disagree with you.  So, don’t go overboard just because you can now eat many more things.  Take it easy on yourself!  Eat SLOWLY and chew THOROUGHLY.  This will help avoid stomach pain or cramps.

Following these tips will have you sailing through the soft food phase and on your way to your new “normal” in no time!  You’ve got this!

Amy is a 39-year-old gastric sleeve patient of Dr. Tsuda, living In Las Vegas, NV.  She is almost 2 years post-op and has lost over 145 pounds.  Through this weight loss journey, Amy has discovered a passion for health and fitness.  Now, she enjoys sharing her experiences to help others on their own journeys.