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The Steps to Weight Loss Surgery

By the time patients are interested in surgery, they make an inquiry to us and the first step would be to verify their benefits for surgery. So if your insurance does cover the bariatric procedure, there are several steps required in order to get the surgery authorized. Get started now by watching our online weight loss surgery seminar. 

The most lengthy of these is usually some type of medically supervised diet, that can range anywhere from three months up to a year in some cases although the most common length is about six months for a medically supervised diet. Basically the insurance wants to see that you’ve attempted weight loss without surgery prior to approving surgery.

In addition to the medically supervised diet, patients also need to go and have a one-time nutritional evaluation and a psychological evaluation to make sure there are no underlying mental health disorders that could jeopardize or sabotage the success after surgery.

One important thing that we pride ourselves on is trying to help patients through every step of that process and make it as easy as possible. We’ve partnered and made relationships with some local nutritionists and psychologists that can get our patients in pretty quickly to get those evaluations completed. And we do monthly visits for those medically supervised diet visits and we try to schedule that as conveniently as possible for the patients.

We strive to make it so the only limiting step is the availability of the patient to come in and make those appointments and get those tests done.