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Changing Relationships After Weight Loss Surgery

Relationships with with those close to your change as your change after weight loss surgery according to experts from VIPSurg in Las Vegas

Weight loss surgery can have a more significant impact on your life than you think! Sure, the everyday things change – the scale, your clothes, your health. But can weight loss surgery have an impact on your relationships? ABSOLUTELY! This is an important aspect of the weight loss journey that isn’t talked about nearly enough!

Going through any huge life change can have an impact on our relationships. The most noticeable changes may be with those you live around. Whether it’s parents, a significant other, children, or a roommate, the people we live with know us the best. One of the most important things you can do is educate them about the weight loss surgery process. Learning about the prep, healing process, dietary changes, etc., helps them know what to expect and how to be a pillar of support. One of the best ways to ensure your long-term success is getting the whole household on board with eating healthier!

Romantic relationships can come with unique changes too. If you are in an established, long-term relationship before your surgery, you may find changes/challenges with intimacy as your body changes. Your self-confidence might grow or suffer as you change. That’s totally normal! The important thing is to communicate these things to your significant other. They can help be a support to you when you don’t see or feel the changes.  They can reassure you and give you a reality check when you need it.

If you are dating after weight loss surgery, that comes with its own set of challenges. Should you tell a potential date about your WLS? When should you tell them? The simple answers to those questions are yes and when you feel the time is right. Your weight loss surgery is an important part of your story; who you are. Plus, knowing about your surgery helps potential dates come up with activities and food choices that will work for you. Informing a potential romantic partner about excess skin and scars can help you feel more comfortable when/if they see them. The right person for you will love all of you – including this part of your journey.

Occasionally, you may encounter uneducated or judgmental people about weight loss surgery. They may say that it’s the “easy way out” because they believe that weight loss is guaranteed after surgery. They may exaggerate potential complications because of a horror story they heard. You may get asked odd questions by curious people. And you will probably be surprised how many people will want to pick your brain because they are considering doing it!  Try to handle questions with grace and patience. Educate people where they are perpetuating myths.  Give out good information to those who are curious.  And anything that you aren’t comfortable discussing… don’t!

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