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How Much Does the Gastric Sleeve Cost?

Being that the gastric sleeve is the most popular bariatric procedure in the United States, many of our patients wonder exactly how much it will cost and unfortunately, the answer to that does vary. The variance is ultimately in how you intend to pay for surgery.

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A number of Nevada health insurance policies cover bariatric surgery. However, there may be exclusions for bariatric surgery even if other policies with that same company cover it. We always suggest that you take a look at your coverages and exclusions and work with our team to verify your benefits. If you are covered by your insurance plan, you will also have a number of financial obligations associated with your policy. These will include a co-pay, deductible, and coinsurance. one or more of these may apply until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum at which point your health insurance policy should handle all covered services. You can work with our billing and benefits verification staff to understand exactly how much your procedure will cost if using insurance.

The No-Insurance Option

For those that do not have health insurance or whose health insurance policy does not cover bariatric surgery, Dr. Tsuda an VIPSurg can offer an excellent cash pay price starting at $10,995. Unlike some other pricing, this is all inclusive, meaning it covers the procedure, surgery center fees, standard preoperative testing and a postoperative visit. We believe it important to show you the actual price you pay versus some other cash prices that may seem lower on the surface, but do not include some of the pre-and post op costs added later. In fact, we have found that our all-in cash pay pricing is one of the lowest in the nation.

While the above represents the out-of-pocket expense of the gastric sleeve, that which we cannot quantify is the improvement in life. Further, you will experience reduced cost when you lose weight and improve or resolve many obesity related diseases. The improvement in these diseases alone can save time and money at doctors’ offices, the cost of medications for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, the cost of medical devices for a sleep apnea and a host of other cost associated with obesity. Plus, losing 60, 70 or even 80% of their excess body weight opens up physical and emotional opportunities that our patients may not have had for years or even their entire lives. Playing with their grandkids, going to a theme park, fitting on a plane and even tying on shoes are all things that those who have not experienced obesity take for granted. These are also things that are eminently attainable after the bariatric procedure and hard work on the part of the patient to improve their life and lifestyle

Of course, everybody’s situation is different and as such, we encourage all of our patients to avail themselves of our highly trained staff who are dedicated to making bariatric surgery work for you. Please give us a call to learn more and get a verification of benefits. We look forward to having you in our office to discuss your bariatric options.

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