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Bariatric Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

Drs. Tsuda and Ryan specialize in minimally invasive and robotically assisted surgical techniques including bariatric surgery (gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy), and general surgery including foregut surgery, hernia repairs, gallbladder surgery, GERD surgery, endoscopy other procedures to treat abdominal diseases.

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Bariatric Surgery

Currently the only long-term solution to obesity and its many related diseases, bariatric (weight loss) surgery has never been more effective or safer than it is today.

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GERD Surgery

With millions of Americans suffering from poorly controlled chronic acid reflux, we have effective minimlly invasive surgical procedures to cure GERD once and for all.

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General Surgery

From hernia repair to gallbladder removal, our doctors are highly experienced in general surgery procedures using advanced laparoscopic and robotic techniques.

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November 18, 2021

Five Ways to Mitigate the Thanksgiving Splurge

Holiday time is a wonderful opportunity to gather and reconnect with family and friends, but it usually revolves around food. For someone with a normal BMI, this isn’t a terribly scary prospect. However, for someone who has undergone bariatric surgery, there are variables and unknowns that can make these kinds of get togethers anxiety inducing. As we have said elsewhere in this blog, the point of bariatric surgery and the postoperative diet is not to end all enjoyment in your life. Rather, it is to normalize your lifestyle. The only way that you can do so is through moderation. When we think of moderation, we think of eliminating all the stuff that doesn’t conform to our diet. However, we rarely think of moderation as avoiding the elimination of everything we enjoy. Following are a few tips to help you enjoy Thanksgiving without a splurge and the resultant feelings of frustration and even shame.

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