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Preventing a Hernia Recurrence

June 22, 2023

If you’ve had hernia surgery, recurrence is one of the potential long-term complications you’ve undoubtedly heard of. So, what exactly is a hernia recurrence, and how can it be avoided? Hernia recurrence occurs when the initial defect closure fails, and the contents of the hernia again protrude through the fascia […]

When You Shouldn’t (Or Could) Wait to Have Hernia Surgery

May 18, 2023

To give you the most comprehensive answers to common questions and topics, this article will explore the nuances of hernia surgery – specifically about when patients can reasonably wait to have hernia surgery or when they should have it as soon as possible. Of course, every situation is unique, and […]

Don’t Ignore Abdominal Pain

July 19, 2021

Pain in the abdomen can be interpreted as being caused by several things. Whether you think you ate too much that last meal or it is that time of the month and you think you have cramps – we tend to guess and brush off the cause of stomach pain. […]

Can I Have a Hernia Repaired If I’m Pregnant?

September 9, 2020

Pregnancy is a leading cause of hernia development because of the constant pressure on the abdomen, which becomes stretched and weakened over the course of the pregnancy. Typically, pregnant women will first notice their hernia after the birth of their child however, in some cases, the hernia will visibly manifest […]

Is A Hernia Ever an Emergency?

May 19, 2020

With elective surgeries curtailed or completely halted in most hospitals throughout the country, there is some question amongst patients as to what exactly constitutes an emergency procedure – especially in general surgery – where many procedures are considered elective or semi-elective. We have discussed the urgency of hernias before and […]

Is It Possible to Prevent A Hernia?

February 14, 2020

With almost 1,000,000 surgical repairs every year in the United States, hernias are an extremely common condition affecting Americans. However, hernias are only repaired when they become symptomatic, so we can extrapolate that many millions more have hernias that they don’t even know about. But, is it possible to avoid […]

Athletic Pubalgia – When a “Hernia” Is Not Really a Hernia

September 20, 2019

Most men have been admonished their entire lives…don’t lift too much, don’t push too hard – you’ll get a hernia. While this may be true, and upwards of 25% of all men will develop an inguinal hernia, the diagnosis is not always straightforward. You’re playing sports, most likely something that […]