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Comparing Bariatric Procedures in 2024

January 25, 2024

As we wrap up 2023 and enjoy the holidays, we quickly turn to the new year with a desire to improve our lives and health. Many of you may be considering bariatric surgery, especially with the advent of weight loss injections that have brought new light to the treatment of […]

What Percentage of Stomach Do You Remove During a Gastric Sleeve?

January 11, 2024

Why is this the wrong question, and why does your surgeon answer it anyway? The main goal of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy for weight loss is to reduce hunger and caloric intake by removing most of the stomach and leaving a stomach tube or sleeve. Many patients ask, “What percentage of […]

Understanding Your Insurance Options During Open Enrollment

December 21, 2023

Open enrollment, as you may know, is a short window from the end of 2023 through the beginning of 2024. It allows patients to modify their insurance coverage to suit their needs according to their expectations for the upcoming year. While we can never be sure of our health status […]

The Pros & Cons of Endoscopic (Incisionless) Bariatric Procedures

August 23, 2023

Endoscopic (cameras placed through a natural body opening like the mouth into the stomach) allows practitioners to perform several diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Some bariatric procedures, such as a sleeve or revisional surgery for dilated pouches or anastomoses (surgical bowel connections) after gastric bypass can be performed using this specialized […]

Is Bariatric Surgery a Risk Factor for Divorce

August 10, 2023

It’s said that a bariatric surgeon’s job is as much a facilitator of psychological change as the physical. If that’s not the case, it certainly feels like it. This is because a patient’s responsibilities after surgery run the gamut of mental and physical. Some would say that the key to […]

What Will My Body Look Like After Bariatric Surgery

June 8, 2023

This is a tricky question for any bariatric surgeon to answer. Why? Everybody is different; everyone has different expectations for their bariatric procedure, and what is considered an incredible success for one person may feel like a disappointment for someone else. So, in answering this question, we must understand bariatric […]

Making the Most of Your Wait During the Bariatric Pre-Operative Process

May 4, 2023

We encourage our patients to start the bariatric process even before their surgery. During this three or six-month wait, if using insurance, there is ample opportunity to prepare for life after surgery and start physical improvements to lower the risk of the surgery itself. This approach can also benefit you […]

Do We Reinforce a Sleeve or Bypass Staple Line

April 6, 2023

When you watch an online seminar and first come in for a consultation, having decided that bariatric surgery may be the right option, you will undoubtedly hear about the potential risk of a staple line leak. This can be a severe complication after a stapled bariatric surgery like the gastric […]

Can You Stretch Your Stomach Pouch After a Gastric Sleeve or Bypass

January 19, 2023

The gastric sleeve and gastric bypass comprise most of the bariatric surgeries performed in the United States and worldwide. There’s a good reason for this, as these two procedures safely and effectively address the obesity and excess weight concerns of most patients that qualify for bariatric surgery. Both procedures also […]

Do We Remove the Gallbladder During a Bariatric Procedure

January 5, 2023

You may have heard of a dual procedure, single anesthesia surgery, where a friend or family member had their gallbladder removed at the same time as their bariatric procedure. You may be wondering if the same will happen during your bariatric surgery. Of course, it depends. One of the most […]

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