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Will I Feel Like Myself After Bariatric Surgery?

August 31, 2022

So, you’re considering having bariatric surgery. One of your concerns and questions might be, “Will I feel like myself after it’s all said and done?” It’s a good question and one worth exploring. Read on to investigate the possible effects of bariatric surgery on self-image. If you were asked to describe someone, odds […]

How Bariatric Surgery Changed My Life

August 24, 2022

If I’m being totally honest, a lot of what drove my decision to have bariatric surgery was vain.  I wanted to feel attractive.  I wanted to buy clothes at any store, to wear any style.  I was fortunate enough not to really have any health problems related to my weight.  […]

What to Do When Cravings Hit

August 10, 2022

A common myth about bariatric surgery is that it is a “magic” solution or “the easy way out” for significant weight loss.  Although bariatric surgery restricts how MUCH you can eat, it’s certainly not a cure-all for cravings.  Read on for tips on what to do when those old cravings […]